Core Values

We believe its all about preparation. Before you are truly ready to rumble. There is a certain level of mental and physical preparation that must take place. In order for you to conquer whatever challenge awaits, you must be prepared. Those who possess the ability to apply the discipline to do what needs to be done are able to go one more round and get up one more time. This is because proper preparation prevents poor performance. If you haven’t prepared to win. Then prepare to fail.


My name is Delmar Tolliver. Entrepreneur and innovative thinker. Over the past 13 years I have lived a meaningful life by helping others accomplish goals they never would have imagined possible. I have been very fortunate by being able to work with a diverse portfolio of clients that have ranged from cheerleaders, bodybuilders, professional / amateur athletes, models, entertainers, actors, actresses, stay at home moms, fighters and several others just like you. I have trained with many people over the years and have tried many things. I will be sharing with you the most effective! Through this platform I am able to use my knowledge and experience to reach out and help more people than I would in person.

“Life is a constant battle with oneself. Its not always about being better than the next person. Its about defeating the old version of yourself and being better than you were yesterday.”

Delmar Tolliver

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