My name is Delmar Tolliver. I am a  Las Vegas Trainer / Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach with credentials specializing in Bio-mechanics, Core Conditioning, Functional Training, TRX, ONNIT Kettlebell Specialist and ONNIT Battle Rope Specialist. I have developed a unique approach to training, which combines a collection of conventional and unconventional strength & conditioning techniques. I have studied boxing and many disciplines of martial arts. I often incorporate these techniques in a hybridized style of cross training which combines combat skill with elite conditioning. With 12 years professional experience. I have had the pleasure of working with a pretty impressive and diverse portfolio of clients. I have spent 6 years in Hollywood, where I had the opportunity to work with industry people, Lakers cheerleader, models, fighters, athletes, stay at home moms, dads etc.. On several occasions throughout the years I have had clients who have applied what they leaned in our sessions to successfully defend themselves against 1 and in one case multiple attackers! Life is a constant battle with oneself. Its not always about being better than or beating the next person. It’s about defeating the old version of yourself and being better than you were yesterday.  


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