6 Basic Boxing Punches

Andre Ward explains the importance of mastering the basics! Master the basics. Drill them over & over and everything else will fall in place. Fundamentals before flavor. Fundamentals win fights and keep you out of trouble. Work on the fundamentals and the flavor will come. The Jab Speaking of fundamentals. The jab (also called aContinue reading “6 Basic Boxing Punches”

Body Types

  Having trouble burning belly fat and loosing weight despite exercising and eating correctly. Pinpoint the primary cause of  your body type. Is your body type due to stress triggers or trauma? This is the adrenal body type. A result of high levels of cortisol. Saggy belly. Weight around the mid section. The liver bodyContinue reading “Body Types”

Online Coaching

Experience elite level coaching without leaving your home. No gym. No excuse. Take advantage of our online coaching and training  to reach real results. Workout remotely from your location of choice and save time commuting to the gym. Workout on your own schedule. Gyms around the world have closed their doors, people are practicing socialContinue reading “Online Coaching”

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Hello! My name is Delmar Tolliver. I have 13 years experience as a health & fitness professional and martial arts practitioner. I am also a dedicated researcher with 8 professional certifications from reputable institutions. This blog is to share my passion for health, fitness and combat sports.

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